Thoughts on being wild:

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my purpose behind the journeys I undertake, in order to spend time gathering these images with the wild horses. As much as I love the photographs that result, with each trip it becomes more apparent that the pictures are just an added bonus. They are a way for me to remember the feelings in that moment, the connection that arose from quietly sharing space with the horses. I share the images, not just because I want people to be aware of their place in our landscape, but because I believe there is a unique kind of communion between wild horse and human; one that brings us back to a deep-seated knowledge that gets lost in the busy hum of our daily lives.

To me, horses are more than just a tool or a means to a prize, they are guides on a soul journey. When we visit with that intention, to be led deeper into ourselves, the messages they carry are powerful. My hope is perhaps one day, looking at these photographs will lead someone to see that these animals are a place where we can revisit our connection with the land, and how we are living with it; a way we can celebrate the intrinsic value of our mutual existence.