Wild Horses of Alberta

It had been a longtime dream of mine to see and photograph horses in the wild, and I spent months researching a visit to find Alberta's own wild horse herds. From my very first encounter, I had a new passion. For two years now, I have been visiting and documenting the bands I manage to connect with, capturing with both images and words their unique beauty, as well as their relationship with the landscape.

Each time, I increase not only my skill at photography in the wild, but my knowledge of equine language. Family bands, lone stallions, foals grown into yearlings; all of them have their own unique personalities and lessons to share. Every moment holds its own magic, and I feel that the images I receive are gifts being given, so I always come away full of gratitude.

Alberta is a place of contradictions. We are connected to the land, financially and spiritually. The weather is simultaneously extreme and beautiful, the geography dramatic and diverse. Our history encompasses both cowboys and social movements. These wild horses, all at once rugged and graceful, embody the province they live in. To me, they inspire, and this collection will continue to grow as I continue to return to be witness to their existence.